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Jacobs’ Magic Wand

Glow Stick Spotlight

Marc Jacobs surprises us all with this portable magic stick! It color-corrects, primes and perfects. Four specially formulated shades brighten dullness, neutralize redness and even skin tone. It blurs imperfections. Apply all over or use as a spot treatment and POOF the result is magical!!!

getting-warmer    Getting  warmer

Bright Now.png   Bright Now 310

Covert Affairs.png    Covert Affairs 300

Spotlight.png   Spotlight 700






One-sleeve tops are the next best thing

The asymmetrical trend has been going on for few seasons now! We have seen it in skirts, tops, dresses, etc… So is seems natural that for autumn, this asymmetrical, imbalanced trend is continuing on in the form of tops and sweaters. It feels not only fresh but also like the very cool cousin to summer’s off-the-shoulder look